About Us

August literally means majestic, dignified, stately, noble, pompous, grand and solemn. We presents to you the brand 'August', the brand lives up to its literal name. Glory of colors, grandeur of design, attention to details, makes the sumptuous dream a reality. August accentuates the concept of freedom and flow as the soul of all ensembles. Overall this culminates to a majestic collection and lives up to the literal meaning of the brand name 'August'.

August is a techno brand as the apparels are made using the technology for which the designer has acquired patent. Technology along with aesthetics exudes a splendid magic, yet smart, wearable and affordable. Attempt is to bring stupendous ensembles to gratify the designer appetite in each one of us. 

August produces limited editions of state of the art designer products to ensure individuality and uniqueness to its customers. Most of the products are unique, and only one copy of each is commercially produced for market.

The technology provides a new dimension to the designing and adds to the creativity of the designer many folds. The technology considerably reduces the lead time( almost by 50%) and considerably reduces wastages(15%-22%).

The idea was incepted in the year 2006, after two complete years of research; samples were drawn successfully which received overwhelming appreciation by leading fashion designers and professionals of the country. DPOL is a signature technology which has been presented by the designer at national level conferences and it has been acknowledged by stalwarts of fashion industry. The technology was also awarded the best innovation award in the field of fashion May'08, by NIFT.

Rich yarns are sourced and especially dyed to impart the right color to the fabric. August introduces new innovative weaves, interesting textures etc that adds structure to the garments. The fabric is manufactured especially as per its end use for respective garments.The label with its tool DPOL introduces world to new fashion concepts (discussed in detail under innovations).

The first concept collection using the technology has been prepared which would soon be launched in the market. To revolutionize the fashion industry at a larger scale and a fast pace, August team is looking for venture funds and collaborations to take this initiative forward.


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