The Label uses award winning eco-friendly DPOL technology which adds new dimension to designing and opens up doors of creativity to the designer. The technology is one of its kind and patent has been acquired by its promoters and designer.

Using DPOL one can produce ready to stitch shaped woven garment components. These components are finished at the edges by selvedge. This considerably increases fabric efficiency by approx 15%-22% and reduces lead time by approx 50%. The DPOL technology can be used to manufacture high quality fashion garments with mitering and design continuity at various panels with respect to one another in a garment.

The garments produced using DPOL technology depicts perfect blend of textile technology, garment engineering and fashion designing. Fabric is especially designed and manufactured for its particular end use. The garments are unique and are difficult to copy as their fabric is especially woven by the designer using particular yarns as desired, and fabric is not available in the market.

Surface ornamentation is imparted at the time of fabric manufacture, it’s neither printed nor embroidered and adds to the richness to the design. The design is imparted to the garment components at the right places at the time of their manufacture in DPOL process, so as to get aesthetically appealing products once the components are assembled to make a complete garment

Conventional Process Vs DPOL - 'A new dimension to Designing'

The words in red explain the conventional order of ‘How the designer product is manufactured?’ Whereas encircled blue mark defines the area where a designer can work upon using 'DPOL' to add creativity

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